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    China sets new rules for maritime arbitration

    November 10, by the Hubei Institute of Marine Engineering Equipment, Wuhan University of Technology Cruise Ship Design Institute, Shanghai Cruise Industry Association (preparatory) co-sponsored by the Wuhan Cruise Localization Innovation Forum held in Wuhan. More than 160 representatives from 63 units, including trade organizations, cruise lines, universities, design institutes, classification societies, shipbuilding and supporting enterprises, are engaged in the autonomous operation, design, construction and supporting of cruise ships This paper discusses the difficulties and solutions in the application of domestic materials and equipment, and looks forward to the future development of domestic cruises and the high-quality development of cruise industry chain. The prospect of cruises supporting is attractive. Domestic cruises supporting capacity is weak, but domestic supporting materials have been used in foreign cruises construction projects for a long time. According to the person in charge of AMC (Hong Kong) limited, in the last 20 years, domestic furniture, air-conditioning ducts, aluminum honeycomb panels, GRG decorative materials, textiles and other interior materials have been used in the company's participation in the construction of large cruise ships and ro-ro passenger ships. As a result of processing Quality, cost, delivery cycle and other aspects of the integrated advantages, some domestic supporting enterprises in the competition with foreign manufacturers are not lost. The domestic ship enterprise enters the cruise ship construction and the refit domain, has opened a new world for the matching enterprise. The participants'analysis was that, in addition to the cruise ships already delivered and under construction, new cruise construction projects were being actively pursued in many parts of the country. At this forum, wuchang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Research and Design Institute of Ships, China Ship R & D and Design Center, Hubei Marine Engineering Equipment Research Institute, Yangtze River Ship Design Institute and other institutions also introduced the practice of self-design cruise cases and research progress. At the same time, the innovation of domestic products has made new achievements. Non-combustible Multilayer Board, light-weight decorative board, light-weight non-combustible cabin board, ultra-light soluble fiber, light-weight inorganic decorative board, sound-proof damping material, waterproof, oil-proof and oil-proof fabrics, cruise ship doors and windows, furniture and other products were all unveiled during the forum. In the aspect of digitalization, informationization and intelligentization of cruise ship, the related enterprises introduced the products and services of cruise information construction, public area entertainment system, etc. . It is reported that the internal communication intercom system provided by domestic supporting enterprises has been awarded the large cruise project of Takahashi. Domestic supporting enterprises and the cruise industry is also increasingly close contact. Under the promotion of the National Cruise Yacht Design Alliance, the communication platform of supporting enterprises and cruise companies, ship enterprises and design institutes is becoming more diversified. In recent years, Lloyd's register of Shipping (China) Co. , Ltd. has gradually established a database and communication channel to find local suppliers for the construction and refit of cruise ships through investigation of potential domestic cruise ship suppliers Cooperate with ship company to solve supply chain problem. The experience of the Japanese shipping companies in the internalization project of Aida Prima and Aida Perla La is of great significance to the future development of domestic cruise lines. Delegates analysed how the biggest challenge in building a cruise ship was getting tens of millions of parts into place on time. The key of this is the cruise construction logistics, that is, the transportation, storage, storage management and delivery of materials to the construction site of the integrated logistics. The Aida Project has about 15m parts per ship, the logistics equivalent of 1,60040-foot containers, and up to about 5,000 people a day working on the ship at the same time. In fact, the No. 1 Ship Piping System Assembly, internal material distribution and so often need to be prepared about 10 days in advance. Due to the optimization of the cruise construction logistics system, the material supply can be completed the day after the issue of the supply and demand order. As a result, the construction period for the interior installation of vessel 2 was shortened from 25 months for vessel 1 to 13 months. Cruise supporting business prospects are attractive, but the threshold is also extremely high. Delegates analyzed that many supporting enterprises started from the land-based market, even if there are commercial ship application performance, lack of cruise supporting experience. Relevant supporting enterprises also need to fully understand the rules and requirements, in accordance with international first-class standards to do a good job in product development, as soon as possible through the necessary certification. In addition, related enterprises should also improve the field construction technology and management level. The precision of material processing and the lack of construction experience, leading to some supporting enterprises in the cruise supporting process of the cost of steep increase. Some supporting materials also need to be processed in other processing plants or construction sites, before assembly. In the construction of convenience, simple management, efficiency improvement, the domestic supporting enterprises also have a lot of room for improvement. With the success of the Yangtze River's new generation cruise ship, the century glory, which made its maiden voyage on September 9, the matching of Inland River cruise ships also presents new demand characteristics. The Yangtze Plain will develop to a large scale, with the trend of increasing the total length, width, height above the water line and displacement of the cruise ship Such as ship lift type cruise ship, Mekong high-end cruise ship rooms are very few, very high price; comfort, environmental protection, safety and other requirements have been greatly improved, a large number of applications of new technologies in the shipping industry.

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